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Thank you for visiting Total Learning Concepts' website to learn how we assist individuals to reach their academic goals and potential. We are TOTALLY committed to the academic success of each of our students!

Whether you desire educational testing, reading, writing, or math improvement, tutoring in school courses, PSAT, SAT, ACT or other standardized test preparation, College Admissions Process & Scholarship counseling, AP National test preparation, Gateway prep, Georgia Milestones prep, final exam review assistance, improved study skills and motivation, or credit recovery course hours, Total Learning Concepts provides solutions and the highest quality of individualized instruction. We have over a 33-year track record of success with students in our community!

We are excited to announce we are NCAA approved for students to earn course credit hours. This means that student athletes can earn hours towards his/her high school graduation by attending accredited classes at Total Learning Concepts!

To speak with me or one of our other center Directors to share your student’s academic status, learn more about our services, and for our recommendations, please email or call us today! Please note on this HOME page, there are two video links you can click and then view which introduces you to Total Learning Concepts and describes our services.

Carol Chandler-Wood
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SUMMER is the best time for students to catch up or get ahead in their academics!
SInce classroom teachers are not moving forward with new material, students have an opportunity to gain ground in their academics.  The summer months also allow students to strengthen their foundation in preparation for the next school year!

We are currently registering students for summer instruction in all areas of academics!

Serving all of Gwinnett County and the surrounding communities!
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Total Learning Concepts is a privately owned and managed tutorial and test preparation service and accredited non-traditional private school.

Approved by the GA Dept of Education as a Supplemental Educational Service Provider under the "No Child Left Behind" Act.

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